For centuries, mermaids have captured the hearts and minds of humans. Mystique and intrigue around these elusive, beautiful hybrids of fish and human have long been documented throughout history.

Key West’s colorful past of shipwrecks and wayward lovers, paints a luscious cornucopia of reasons why mermaids have resided in the beautiful, rich waters surrounding this paradise.

And now, after eras of elusiveness at sea and peripheral playfulness, mermaids have agreed to come onto land and share a few trade secrets with the most special of those among us. These encounters, unlike any other in the Key West and lower keys will connect the dynamic and robust history of Key West with the mystic and mysterious wonders of mermaid life.

Mermaid Ambassadors

Southernmost Mermaid School’s Mermaid Ambassadors are Red Cross Lifeguard Certified, which includes certification of CPR, First Aid, and AED Trained.

These Mermaid Ambassadors have been inducted into the very prestigious Mermaid Order, a sorority of respected and trusted merfolk of present and past. The Mermaid Order is a sisterhood that embraces the vast variety of merfolk cultures and a governing force behind all merfolk across the seas.

For the first time, The Mermaid Order is allowing trade secrets, previously unknown/unconfirmed historical facts, and other merfolk mysteries to be shared in confidence to aspiring mermaids through Southernmost Mermaid School’s Mermaid Ambassadors. Southernmost Mermaid School does not take this gift and responsibility lightly and hopes to educate the next generation of merfolk keepers and protectors in hopes of a harmonious and peaceful existence between merfolk of land and sea.

Meet the Ambassadors:

Mermaid Kimberly has loved the sea and mermaid culture as long as she can remember. 

Growing up in land-locked middle America, the sea was always singing to her, and ultimately led her to come and settle in the lower Keys of Florida.  An artesian and designer at heart, Kim started a business, Kdub Designz, using Gyotaku, a traditional form of Japanese fish printing and transferring to various textiles. Always using the riches and inspiration of the waters of the Keys, Kim also designs and creates one-of-a-kind, Keys inspired prints that she individual print presses on various shirts/towels/pillows/etc. When not on the boat exploring the vast sea and all of its beauty, she is soaking up the sun on a paddleboard or doing Yoga with friends.

Kimberly Mermaid
Allison Mermaid

Mermaid Allison grew up deep in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. 

Always knowing that she needed be near salt water, she eventually landed in the lower Keys with her husband, a boat charter captain.  She spends her days along the water of Cudjoe Bay daydreaming and playing in the water as much as possible. Allison has a background in branding and advertising and loves helping friends with business goals as much as possible. Allison founded Team Lily Bow, a group of local women that bond together in common exercise goals and volunteer, raise money and/or awareness of needs of local women and women organizations in the Florida Keys.